Austrian Cultural Program

(English text)

Dear artists (especially musicians, dancers, actors and other stage artists), as many of you know, we have a cultural crisis in Austria (also in Europe) that the cultural budget will soon be greatly reduced. (In Upper Austria, you have already started.) Incidentally, the crisis affects not only Austria but the whole of Europe. Yesterday I met with an important politician in the Austrian National Council because of this cultural crisis. He said that the cultural budget will be greatly reduced in Austria in the next 20 years. As the average age of Austrians is over 45 years old, it is expected that Austria will have serious economic problems for the following reasons:
1) The majority Austrians will become pensioners in the next 20 years.
2) The younger generations of Austrians have less interest in starting a family and having children. (The reasons are not discussed here.)

That means there will be few workers who will finance pension funds of the majority of Austrians. And, there will also be a dispute between politicians in Austria as well as in the whole of Europe, as they encounter the crisis with old Europe of the future?
I am 100% sure that the following cultural businesses will have serious financial problems in the future:
1- orchestra (especially wind orchestra)
2- theater and music theater
3- music schools, art and music universities
4- cultural scholarships and cult grants

The crisis had been clear to me for years, and was the main reason that, despite my academic training, I had less interest in cultural fundraising, scholarships, competitions and cultural job postings.

My solution: That was the philosophy of my company “Luxonaria GmbH” that we bring cultural activities by sponsoring in the private sector. I have an economic concept to finance the cultural projects directly from private sponsors. For that I need to get to know many artists in person.
My goal is to pay all artists well. And, if we find fixed sponsors, we can even pay artists regularly. So far, we have a big sponsor for 2018. I just need as many artists as possible and ideas.
If anyone is interested, please contact me by mail or Facebook! I like to take time for each contact and also like to meet with the cultural activists. Please like our Luxonaria Facebook page too, because I will advertise the project submissions there!

Best regards!
Hassan Zanjirani Farahani